I PROMISE MORE SUBSTANTIVE CONTENT THAN THIS in the future (beginning with my Manny’s profile today), but indulge me in one post by way of saying thanks to Chicago’s chef/food community—think of it as the Acknowledgements page before the book begins. As Fooditor was close to launching, I wanted to come up with a way to build some interest in the new site on social media. Being digital, we had exactly one real world prop—the Fooditor mug, which we’ve been giving out to anybody we talked to.

So I thought, why not invite chefs I know to do something playful with the mug as a way of teasing interest? I sent out emails to a bunch of them, hoping that at least some would be willing to pose with it. (A few already knew about Fooditor, but most did not—they only knew the reputations of those involved.) Here’s a typical example of the responses I got:



Iliana Regan
Chef/Owner Elizabeth Restaurant and Bunny, the micro bakery & WunderPOP
In short, every single person I asked was happy to pose their mug with a Fooditor mug—and to help think up and stage an amusing way to pose with the mug that reflected their personality and culinary artistry. Which sometimes just meant disappearing into the kitchen with the mug, as Kevin Hickey did, and coming back five minutes later with… well, you’ll see. (Note the arrow at upper right on the slideshow, by the way, to see these images at full size.)

Gallery: Chefs and their Fooditor mugs

In the end we wound up with more photos than we had days till launch, so they’ll continue to run for a couple of more days, but in the meantime, here’s the complete collection—with thanks to all who participated and showed their support right from the start for something new on our food media scene.

Oh, and like they say, follow us on whichever social media you use, wouldja?

Michael Gebert is the coffee-guzzling editor of Fooditor.

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  1. John Lenart says:

    Best of luck, although you won’t need it! Can’t wait to see all that Fooditor can be.