Did you feel a great disturbance in the herd, as if a lot of steers were cooked medium well? That’s one of the big stories of 2015 on our restaurant scene—it was a big year for steak. But steakhouses aren’t all there was to talk about, and we gathered a great panel at The Brixton to talk about it all, from cocktails to our top restaurants of the year to the ineffable greatness of breakfast at White Palace Grill. Join me along with Anthony Todd of Chicagoist, Joe Campagna of Fooditor and Chicago Food Snob, food writer Melissa McEwen and Chris Chacko, owner of Sparrow Coffee, for a lively 52-minute conversation that’ll be the perfect thing to listen to when you’re cooking or otherwise avoiding listening to your family.

It’s in four parts:
(0:00) The Year in Review: What Was There Besides Steak?
(15:20) Our Three Bests of 2015, Plus One Under-the-Radar Choice
(30:06) Runners-Up, Chicago’s Top Love-Hate Restaurant, and What’s Your Jimmy John’s?
(43:32) Hell of a Year For Cocktails, and Eating Beyond Chicago City Limits

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We’ll be back after the holidays; be sure to check our archive for stories you’ve missed if you’re jonesing for Fooditor in the meantime. Enjoy!

Photo: Bouefhaus/Facebook


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