THREE MONTHS HAVE PASSED since our year-end look at what was new on the Chicago restaurant scene. Now it’s almost spring (even though slush was falling from the sky as we recorded this last week) and patio furniture will be coming out soon. So to ask the questions of what’s going on our food scene now, including hot openings like Duck Duck Goat and Moneygun, we gathered at The Victor Bar, 4011 N. Damen, for a fast-paced, funny and insightful 47-minute conversation.

This time, we were Fooditor editor Michael Gebert, plus Joe Campagna, Fooditor contributor and blogger at Chicago Food Snob; Sarah Freeman, writer for Eater Chicago; and man-about-town Royal Lichter.

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It’s in four parts:
(0:00) Duck Duck Goat, How Steph Became Top Chef, Bowling With Oriole, and Pricing Tasting Menus
(14:50) Saint Lou’s & Moneygun or The Hype of Anti-Hype, Dos Urban Cantina, and the Rediscovery of Fire
(27:05) Celebrity Chefs, Getting into Hot Tickets, Tête’s Dead, Baby, and So’s Bom Bolla (Again)
(36:00) Authenticity, Joe Wants Real Straciatella, Comfy at Cafe Marie-Jeanne, and Sarah Wants The Other Half of Her Snaggletooth Bagel

Cover image: Meat and three at Saint Lou’s Assembly, 664 W. Lake Street (Michael Gebert)

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