IT’S MICHELIN TIME AGAIN, AND THAT means it’s time to gather some of the local food punditocracy to talk about why the French tire company chose who they did. Our guests are Anthony Todd of Chicagoist, and recent Fooditor contributors Sarah Freeman and Maggie Hennessy. Thanks to Sink | Swim in Logan Square for letting us take over the back table and having us.

This year we start by talking about who Michelin is aiming at, and talk about winners like Oriole, Roister, Smyth, Tru and others. Then we convene The Court of Michelin so that each of our panelists can make a case for correcting one of Michelin’s decisions. Who should go up? Who should go down? Who’s not on there at all? And we finish by talking about what we use to know where to go in a strange city. It’s an hour that ranges widely (and amusingly) all over the food scene, with inside stories about Paul Kahan getting the call, the dangers of letting Oriole staff use your phone, and more. (One correction from the comments below: The Bristol has been a Bib before.)

(0:00) What Michelin is thinking when they hand out stars
(11:17) The new two and one star winners—who deserved it?
(24:50) The Bibs, or why does Michelin care about money?
(33:52) Plead for justice in The Court of Michelin!
(47:50) What food writers use instead of Michelin

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Michael Gebert is the brains behind this joint.

COVER PHOTO: Oriole (Michael Gebert)

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  1. Scott Malloy says:

    The Bristol was a bib look at the 2011 2012 guides.

  2. Peter Frost says:

    Good news: Story coming tomorrow in line with Sarah’s request.

  3. Michael Gebert says:

    You’re right. I probably wrote a long analysis of why it fell off, too back then…

  4. Scott Malloy says:

    We looked through their menus the first year it fell off and there was no way to meet the 40 dollar price cap. Cheapest was $42.