NEW RESTAURANTS HAVE OPENED AT a frenzied pace this summer, but this new episode of Fooditor Radio begins by pouring out some roditis for The Parthenon, a Greektown giant which closed a week or so ago. Then my guests—Joe Campagna of Chicago Food Snob and Anthony Todd of Chicagoist—and I turn to a wide-ranging hour-long discussion of the new places that have opened, as well as why you shouldn’t claim you know how to make pho better than Vietnamese chefs, why you shouldn’t name your steakhouse Knife, and other burning issues of the day. Sorry, recording on Joe’s deck was a little windy in spots, but it’s worth it, at least it was worth it for us to sit outside drinking bourbon on a beautiful night. Also, sorry Joe uses a bad word several times.

(0:00) The Parthenon falls, and the not-quite-enduring appeal of old favorites
(15:48) New restaurants at least one of us have been to, including Steadfast, GT Prime, Forbidden Root, Smyth and The Loyalist, Oriole, and Dixie, plus, how many tasting menus can you eat?
(31:23) Smack Shack, Animale, Roister, Giant, doing Chinese at Duck Duck Goat and Imperial Lamian, and how do three white guys tell if a culture is being appropriated?
(45:41) Cuisines we wish we had, we need more bistros, what to name your steak place, where did the crazy chefs (and writers) go, and the rise of the faux food journalism industry

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Here’s the link to Anthony’s second and more interesting Parthenon memorial.

The Facebook group devoted to 70s-80s Chicago restaurants is Chicago Restaurants 86 But Not Forgotten.

Vernon Park is now Arrigo Park, but Tufano’s Vernon Park Tap lives on.


Michael Gebert edits Fooditor from his deck year-round.

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