Good news for Acadia, Parachute (above) and Dusek’s, no news for much of anyone else in the 2016 Michelin awards for Chicago, announced on Tuesday. This was one of those years when Michelin doesn’t change much about how it thinks about the Chicago food scene—but we won’t let that stop us from discussing it, mocking it and bashing it like a pop-up animatronic rodent, just as Anthony Todd and Michael Gebert did two years running on Airwaves Full of Bacon.

In this inaugural edition of Fooditor Radio, Gebert and Chicagoist food editor Todd are joined by Joe Campagna (the Chicago Food Snob blog) in a back booth at The Barrelhouse Flat for a fast-paced, irreverent half hour about who Michelin picked, who they ignored, what they love and hate about Chicago, all the steaks Anthony has been eating, and what’s coming next year that Michelin will probably shaft, too. NOTE: Not safe for work, though obscenities are nearly all condiments, not mains.


Play the program in the player above. If you want to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss future Fooditor Radio programs, go to the Airwaves Full of Bacon iTunes page (soon to transition to Fooditor Radio) here (though how quickly they update to show the new episode is always an open question; it is currently displaying if you subscribe at iTunes).

COVER IMAGE: Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark in the kitchen at Parachute, by Michael Gebert.

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