FOODITOR RADIO RETURNS TO THE TASTE of Chicago’s Food For Thought podcast stage (okay, we were still Airwaves Full of Bacon last year, but Fooditor was getting really close). My guests this time are Nick Kindelsperger of the Chicago Tribune (also, in past lives, my editor at Serious Eats Chicago and my predecessor at Grub Street Chicago), who’s been up to serious taco researches of late in the Trib, and longtime food writer pal David Hammond of New City and Wednesday Journal, also a taco dude from way back. But that’s not the only Chicago foodstuff we’re talking about by a long ways:


(0:00) Celebrating The Taco, And Is It a Sandwich?
(11:30) Why Chicago Isn’t Quite a Great Burger Town
(19:17) Peasant Food is the New Fast Food, or How To Eat an Eyeball Taco
(26:50) Rick Bayless’s New Taco Meat Palaces, and Hillbilly Tequila
(37:40) Nick Hates Deep Dish
(44:13) Hidden in Plain Sight: Polish Food, the Southwest Side
(51:25) Top Ten Ways Food Media Covers Chicago

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Special thanks to Ed Silha of Radio Misfits Network for engineering, and to Mary Slowik and Jasmine Hawkins at the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Kindelsperger, Gebert and Hammond

Kindelsperger, Gebert and Hammond


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